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It don't come any better than this my friend!


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We will even tell you how you may cut your income taxes by about 50%.  We will tell how you may work TAX FREE!

With the kind of income you could generate from being a Stationary Engineer (or Steam Engineer) you could have a 2100 sq. ft. beauty of a home just like this if you wanted.

This $420,000 house was designed by a Power Engineer and his wife.  Yup, its got a long list of costume goodies in it.  He and his wife live in an upscale neighborhood next to a park area with miles and miles of manicured footpaths and bicycling routes that make their way through the winding ravine and river valley areas of the city.  Its a beautiful area that is quiet, safe and very pleasant to live in.  You could have a similar home. 

They enjoy many days off and vacations together as if he had a professional career.  Well he doesn't have a professional career but he does have the income.  It's the kind of lifestyle that many of his friends are envious of and always will be for as long as they choose to stay with their current jobs.  You can have it good too. 

We can tell you how every day people like you and the rest of us can have what looks like a regular job but, can provide a professional income!  With a professional income you can afford the better things in life like that sports car, that beautiful home, those fantastic vacations or that secure retirement you have envisioned or a combination those things and others.  Plenty Power and Stationary Engineers are doing it every day.  That is those who know the SECRETS to making it in this career.  That's because, most don't know the secrets and miss out BIG TIME on all the great benefits Power and Stationary Engineering has to offer. 

to view the FREE online Ebook filled with photos and
tons of vital information.

Please understand.

There are plenty of people out there working for $40,000 to $60,000 a year.  They may have a very relaxed job, live very conveniently to their life long friends and family and are very content with their lives.  Some things in life are more important than money.  It isn't everything, it just helps some of us.  It's always a matter of priorities.

To each their own!

Take notice:  The right job with the right income and all the benefits you desire to provide the lifestyle you want, may not be in your home town or state (or province).

You may have to relocate hundreds of miles away from your home town as some have done.  Again, it is a balance of personal priorities.  Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life.

To get a great job you may need at least a third class certification.  You may also need additional certifications for the specific industry you wish to gain employment with.  Check with the employers in your area.

You will make your own lifestyle choices just as everybody does.

This site is devoted to those who are fed up with regular jobs and are looking for a great career.  It is also for those who are already Power or Stationary Engineers (or Steam Engineers) and want to get ahead of the game.  It is also for those who are looking for a richer and more rewarding lifestyle as well as a richer career path that is a cut above all other trades (In the opinion of those who have input into this web site.)  In fact, it's believed that this is more beneficial than choosing to be a Doctor or a Lawyer in many respects.  You can have most of the benefits with little of the demands on your time, energies, risk factors and finances.  (Keep in mind, you don't have to be an Albert Einstein or have a University education to be involved in this.  You don't even have to have a Grade 12 education in some cases.  Many people got involved when all that was required was a Grade 10 matriculation.  Times do change though.  It is recomended though that you finish your high school education.  You won't want to have anything holding you back in your career.

Also, now a days many employers are looking for candidates who possess a third class ticket as a minimum.   Others want you to have your third and half your second class certification exams written off (Not an easy task for most of us).  The advise is to examine this career, potential employment opportunities, the geographical area you plan to job search and or move to, the employer expectations and your access to training programs thoroughly, before you make your move. 

We can tell you how people have done Power and Stationary Engineering (or Steam Engineering) the hard way and have stalled out.  More importantly, we tell you how it can be done in a way that significantly increases your chances of success.  You'll be surprised how people can make things more complicated that what they really are. 

You will be told how you can develop a six figure income, time honored career as a Power or Stationary Engineer and have most, if not all your education for FREE!

FREE Food!  On the home page something was mentioned about having all the food you can eat for free.  Not all Stationary Engineers get free food at work.  So as a treat they bring in a bunch of food during the weekend and cook up a big meal with their crew every weekend.  One day it might be a big breakfast or, a lunch or, a big barbecue.  It's a crew thing, a team building thing, a social thing, a confidence and trust building thing that adds to the fun you can have at work!  It adds to how well operators get along with each other and work as a cohesive unit when the pressure is on.  Good employers encourage it by installing big stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, etc., etc...  You will be told how you can find the good employers with good benefits like this. 

These benefits are above and beyond the typical corporate benefits like full medical, dental, life insurance and 3 weeks of vacation etc. to start in your first year. 

In the following pages show you people from many back grounds that have chosen Power and Stationary Engineering as their career.  You will read about their life circumstances and the reasons why they dumped other opportunities that most would think were very promising to choose this outstanding career.

You will see from the information supplied on this web site that almost any average person can attain the career and lifestyle goals that many professionals do without all the significant financial and personal sacrifices. 

There are men and women of all ages, races, nationalities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes that are Power and Stationary Engineers.  This web site is also designed to provide you with an overview of the vast variety of challenging career paths one can take with this extremely versatile, exciting and rewarding career. 

Meet some of the men and women that have great jobs, enjoy their careers, have free perks and know that being a Power or Stationary Engineer is the best form of employment.  Click to the next page.


to view the FREE online Ebook filled with photos and
tons of vital information.

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