Stationary Engineer's Introduction Part #1 to the world of opportunities and job satisfaction.

You should know,...  It took many of us years to hear enough of the right information before we gained an interest in becoming involved in this honorable career as a Power/Stationary Engineer (or as a Steamer as it is called in some places).  And it took us years of trial and error to find out how to make this business work for us once we chose to become involved in this vocation.  There ain't any hand book out there to explain this to ya.  Much of the information process that took us years to complete, will only take you a matter of hours after we have provided you with 
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  We will tell how: 
  • You can work about 6 months of the year or less and still bring home about $60,000 a year.
  • You can make Double time pay!
  • You can make Triple Time pay!
  • You can even make QUADRUPLE TIME PAY!
  • You can make over $100,000.00 a year {That's YOUR six figure income!}  This can catapult you into a high income bracket for the rest of your life.
This is so you can have the money you need
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an outstanding and unusual career like this can give you
as a Steamer.

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This is the stuff that can give you the high income lifestyle that the vast majority will never experience first hand.  Many people will only see the lifestyle, wish they could have it and never own it for themselves.  Many aspirations become fulfilled when you place yourself in the right career that is in a high income bracket. 

This lifestyle is totally realistic, keeps you challenged and motivated.  If you are not challenged on regular basis, it is unlikely you will be a motivated person.  If you are not motivated, you are missing out on life.  Other people like us are living the reality of this every day so, it's gotta be more than just possible. 

We tell you:

  • Why few people have heard of this amazing little career.
  • Why for the most part it is hidden from the public view.
  • Why knowledge of this has been limited in most of our schools.
  • Why your guidance councilor probably never told you about it.
  • And for those who have heard about this outstanding and unusual career, why they were given only a small fraction of the real story. Click here to find out why you haven't heard.
We will tell you all the SECRETS we have discovered through our own investigations.

We will tell you all the SECRETS that others have whispered to us along the way.

We will also tell you the SECRETS as to why many people who are in this career keep missing out on some of the really great stuff we are telling you about right now.  We will instruct you in the mastery of some very simple techniques that will allow you to have all the essentials and some of the luxuries of life.  You will have photo after photo, and descriptions of what we do every day in this exciting and rewarding career. 

to view the FREE online Ebook filled with photos and
tons of vital information.

Man!  We got to tell ya.  Talking about this stuff anoungst ourselves brings back so many great memories and gets us smiling from ear to ear.  It really gets us excited to know how lucky we are and how lucky you can be too!  We really want to tell you everything there is we know so you can have a fantastic and challenging career like we do as Stationary or Power or Steam Engineers.

Sorry.  We do get carried away sometimes.    Let's continue...

Deep from the steal reinforced concrete inner sanctums of refineries, power plants and chemical plants,___ deep from the depths of skyscraper sub subbasements to their lofty roof tops, we will tell you everything you need to know about
Steam or Power or Stationary Engineers.

Deep from within the heavily guarded control rooms of industry we will also show you photographic accounts of this astonishing career.

And we will even tell you the "darkest" and
closest held secrets of them all.

There is a lot a person can have in this business.
We will tell you how it's all done in the FREE online ebook.

We don't condone or recommend you perform "dark" acts while on shift but, there are many who have done it all and continue to do it on a consistent basis.  They are taking BIG risks.  We will tell you their SECRETS as well.  We do this because we want you to be fully aware of what to latch on to and what to avoid to ensure your long term success. Dark Secrets vary from shades of gray to black.  The black ones can ruin a career, maybe even end a life. 

Achieving all the good stuff and avoiding the black stuff is an art.  How can we say this?  Because we have witnessed much of it and told about the rest.  We are not really suppose to tell you about it.  Fact is, it's rarely talked about openly in the work place.  These are things that can be finessed if you know the SECRETS TO SUCCESS in this business.  These are the things that you should know about so you can make your life safe and profitable.  Like making love with your spouse..., you do it..., people know you do it..., you just don't tell the world any of the details. 

Few of us will ever want you to know about this career and in particular it's Dark Secrets, side benefits and secrets to success.  We know there will be many of our associates that will be offended and down right upset about it but, we are willing to tell you how it all is done to keep you safe and smiling!  You won't find this kind of information in any text book or brochure anywhere on the planet that we have seen in the last 30 years.  You can't find these kinds of information pieces just anywhere. 

  • So we will tell you where to choose the right type of work environment so you can have it all for yourself..
  • We will tell you how to choose the right type of work environment so you can have it all for yourself.
  • And we tell you when and how certain extracurricular activities take place and why it goes on and how to avoid be caught up in the behavior.
No names, times, or places will be mentioned.  After all, people do want to keep their good jobs. 
On site, we have a special exercise room with a 4 station exercise machine.  We negotiated with our employer to have it available to us

Some of us exercise at work.  This is a win/win.
We stay in shape and our employer gets healthier, more productive employees.
A very enlightened management approach to keeping us motivated.

Something else you should know about this career: 

If you like stable employment, this has got to be THE MOST RECESSION PROOF form of EMPLOYMENT in the world!  Why?  We tell you why we believe this and prove it to you at the same time. 

One reason why we believe this career si recession proof:  You can get educated in a huge variety of great job categories.  This provides you with a great job to the power of 10+, to last you a lifetime.  We call it a bullet proof job that trains you in many of the following areas: 

  • Power plant operator
  • Lubrication technology
  • Welding
  • Lab technician
  • Boiler operator
  • Chief Steam or Stationary Engineer
  • Gas plant operator
  • Control Room operator
  • Heating plant operator
  • Process unit operator
  • Chemical plant operator
  • Refinery operator
  • Valve technician
  • Drinking water treatment technician
  • Sewage treatment technician
  • Electrician
  • Electronics technician
  • Pump house operator
  • Compressor station operator
  • Pipeline control room operator
  • Instrumentation technician
  • Environmental controls technician
  • Air conditioning mechanic/technician
  • Pipe fitter
  • Gas fitter
  • Steam fitter
  • Jet engine mechanics
  • Diesel engine repair
  • Heavy equipment technician
  • Commercial/industrial/residential sales person for materials and equipment
  • Hotel or building engineering supervisor
  • Steam or Stationary Engineering systems supervisor for a town or city or large business complex.
  • Etc., etc.,etc....


Now that's a whole lot better than being trained in just one trade or vocation.  Anyone with average intelligence can easily do this.

to view the FREE online Ebook filled with photos and
tons of vital information.

One of us has developed a very effective and ethical SYSTEM to make sure he made it through all the exams and nthe training.  We will share that SYSTEM with you in the Study Tips section of the ebook..

Don't worry.  This won't be thrown at you all at once.  It is a very fluid, step by step process where you are taught the basics and build from there.  Learning this stuff is exciting, interesting and ya, it can be fun too!  It unravels all the mysteries of modern day technology that effects all of us.  It really is amazing stuff!


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