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search for careers in the Oil & Gas business by clicking on the link below.  They are seasoned professionals of this global placement business and have connections with over 5000 Oil & Gas companies worldwide.

Many incomes are over the $100,000 US$ mark depending on qualifications.

They also have a list of employers on their web site.
CLICK HERE to get your job in the
Oil & Gas business.

Headquarters in the US and Canada

Oil careers and overseas employment. Apply Online and Leave your CV/Resume. Find the top oil rig jobs by the best companies worldwide from
Headquartered in The U.S.A.

Important notice:  Read this before you perform your job search on  It will make a huge difference with the success you will have.

When you have arrived at

  1. Click on JOB SEEKERS.
  2. Choose Search Jobs.
  3. Go to the job search screen.
  4. Enter your search criteria and click on Search.
  5. On the next screen, below your search criteria it may say "Featured Stationary Engineer Jobs:"  & "No Jobs Found."   Ignore that.
  6. View the results of your search under the heading "Stationary Engineer Jobs were found at the following employment sites:" (The screen will show you a list of sites that generated results for you.)
  7. Click on the name of each site that is on the screen.  One at a time.
  8. Each site will show you the results from that site.
  9. View all the sites (Around 21 of them).  There are hundreds of jobs to view.

If you are Canadian, do not enter any criteria other than the key words Stationary Engineer or Power Engineer then, click on Search.  Some sites that you will visit have the option of clicking a Canada link that will show you Canadian job postings (Like

I'm working on it! 

Soon I will have various links and banners for Oil & Gas (Petroleum), Refining, Chemical, Plastics, Process, Heating & Cooling Plants, Boiler Operation, Building Operators, etc..

Table of contents
  • Men and women in the business.
  1. Steve. The "Bad Boy of P.E.T." who has hit the six figure income bracket.
  2.   Don. Work in at the brewery.
  3. John. Chief Engineer at the brewery.
  4. Chad. A newbe.
  5. Matt. A newbe.
  6. Warren. A newbe.
  7. Older Warren. Lots of experience.
  8. Chris. He used P.E.T. as a spring board to another career.
  9. Earl. Retired but still working full time???
  10. Brian. Working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine.
  11. Hanna. Works in the electrical power generating industry.
  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
  • DARK SECRETS. ****Things people do and shouldn’t do, while on shift.
  • Internet links to:
  1. US job opportunities
  2. Canadian job opportunities
  3. US apprenticeship and training
  4. Canadian apprenticeship and training
  5. Other countries and their job opportunities
  6. US Labor agencies.

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