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Stationary Engineer interview with Mandy

This is Mandy, her husband and their horses.

CLICK HERE to go to StationaryEngineers.comThis is Mandy. Like so many others, she had immersed herself in studies thinking what she originally chose was the greatest thing on the planet. Well she had her discovery too.

Mandy had done 4 years of college and took associative arts in Bible studies. As time went on she developed an interest in environmental issues and so set her eye on a 2 year Chemical Technology diploma program. As part of her training she took summer jobs with what is now her current employer. During the time she was working as a summer student she gained an interest and appreciation of what it might be like to be a P.E.T./Stationary Engineer and be a plant Operator. After completing her diploma and hearing more about P.E.T.s/Stationary Engineers she applied for one of the positions advertised in the paper. The only drawback was, she didn’t have a P.E.T./Stationary Engineering diploma. She would have to get her P.E.T./Stationary Engineering diploma as a condition of continued employment and to get her pay raises which are pretty much automatic once you have passed all the learning criteria.

Then guess what she did? Yup. You guessed it. She studied for her Fourth class P.E.T./Stationary Engineering certificate and got it. Now she’s got a full time job with an excellent employer and she’s on her way to the good life. She is lucky, just like the rest of us who were fortunate enough to hear about and get on board with P.E.T./Stationary Engineering.

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She likes the opportunity for study time at work to further her career as well as the diversity of jobs within her trade, that she can take on. The money is great and the time off allows her opportunities with family and friends that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Her biggest disappointment is much like mine. Even though Mandy has only been in the business a short time as of the composition of this bio, (she started in late 2000) she wishes she had known about this alot earlier in the game.

Mandy is like most of us in that, "Who wants to have to study for more exams to get more diplomas?" The part that made it an easy "Yes" for Mandy was how much further ahead she would be as a P.E.T./Stationary Engineer This made it an easier pill to swallow. All the benefits plus (Which she will tell you about later on in her bio.) getting paid to study at work and then get paid double time to write an exam if it was on your days off is appealing to most of us. Most people are floored or simply just don’t believe it’s true when they hear a story like that. But it’s true!!

Mandy’s attraction to the business:

  • Excellent pay scale to start and it just keeps getting better after that.
  • The continuos learning opportunity.
  • The application of the theoretical technical stuff to the hands-on working environment.
  • She says working in a male dominated environment is an exciting challenge for her and she does well with it.
  • The time off between sets of shifts is great.
  • She can do a workout at work on company time if she wants (Time permitting).
  • She can study at work to upgrade her certification level.
  • She can study at work to gain certification or a diploma in something other than P.E.T./Stationary Engineer to further her career in another direction with her current employer or with some other employer if she chooses.
  • She, like everyone else is encouraged to continuously upgrade their education and once she has achieved her educational goal all her books and fees are paid for.
  • She can just sit back after reaching career level requirements for certification or she can take it beyond that if she chooses. There are many different job categories one can take on in a large corporation with P.E.T./Stationary Engineering as your base of education and experience allow. Mandy isn’t sure if she wants to graduate to the executive ranks or not but, the opportunity is there if she wants to go for it.
Mandy’s negatives:

The shift work can interfere with social and community life. This is a double edged sword as it can also facilitate the same. If it wasn’t for the shift work Mandy would be limited with the time she spends with her husband.

Mandy’s hobbies:

Horseback riding, mountain bike riding and snow boarding.

Table of contents
  • Men and women in the business.
  1. Al. The executive.
  2. Steve. The "Bad Boy of P.E.T." who has hit the six figure income bracket.
  3. Mandy. A newbe.
  4. Don. Work in at the brewery.
  5. John. Chief Engineer at the brewery.
  6. Chad. A newbe.
  7. Dwayne. An old hand.
  8. Gord. Management.
  9. Jay. A newbe formerly in research.
  10. Matt. A newbe.
  11. Max. A Control Room Operator and Shift Engineer who had his employer pay for his continuing education in computers.
  12. Mike. He’s formerly from Scotland.
  13. Warren. A newbe.
  14. Older Warren. Lots of experience.
  15. James. Soon to be wealthy.
  16. Justin. A newbe who is a Control Room Operator and who got $9000 in scholarships.
  17. Lana. A newbe and Control Room Operator.
  18. Brenda. A newbe.
  19. Chris. He used P.E.T. as a spring board to another career.
  20. Earl. Retired but still working full time???
  21. Brian. Working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine.
  22. Ted. Has hit the six figure income bracket.
  23. Elaine. Management.
  24. Hanna. Works in the electrical power generating industry.
  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
  • DARK SECRETS. ****Things people do and shouldn’t do, while on shift.
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  1. US job opportunities
  2. Canadian job opportunities
  3. US apprenticeship and training
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  5. Other countries and their job opportunities
  6. US Labor agencies.


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