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Stationary Engineer's interview with Macheal

Macheal got into Power Engineering Technology because of the variety of different directions one can take in this career.  He didn't like the idea of working night shift but he did like all the interesting things a person can do.  The interesting thing is he never got involved in Power Engineering because he wanted to be involved in the profession. He knew that working in the profession meant that he would be working the dreaded night shift.  He got involved in Power Engineering Technology so he could get a job doing something else.

You see Macheal has a degree in chemistry which basically buys you nothing.  He had a really had tough time finding a decent job.  The jobs out there were low paying and doing boring mundane stinky stuff.  He wasn't doing much better than if he was to work as a janitor.

He got into Power Engineering Technology so he could get some experience in industry and then sag way into job as a chemical treatment representative.  And ya know what?  It worked!  The outfit that hired him as a summer student was considering him for full time employment when he got the call from a big chemical company and bang, he was gone.


Everybody has their lifestyle choices.  Working days was Macheal's way of having it the way he wants it to be for him.  Making $30,000 to $40,000 a year less than what he would make as a Power Engineer Technologist didn't matter to him.  Working days did.  Money doesn't make every one's world go around and Macheal's world will be great now because he got what he really wanted.

Power Engineering Technology can get what you want too.  It doesn't matter if it is working inside or outside of the profession.  Having your certification has the power to get you what it is you need to be in control of your life.

Good luck Macheal...

Table of contents
  • Men and women in the business.
  1. Al. The executive.
  2. Steve. The "Bad Boy of P.E.T." who has hit the six figure income bracket.
  3. Mandy. A newbe.
  4. Don. Work in at the brewery.
  5. John. Chief Engineer at the brewery.
  6. Chad. A newbe.
  7. Dwayne. An old hand.
  8. Gord. Management.
  9. Jay. A newbe formerly in research.
  10. Matt. A newbe.
  11. Max. A Control Room Operator and Shift Engineer who had his employer pay for his continuing education in computers.
  12. Mike. He’s formerly from Scotland.
  13. Warren. A newbe.
  14. Older Warren. Lots of experience.
  15. James. Soon to be wealthy.
  16. Justin. A newbe who is a Control Room Operator and who got $9000 in scholarships.
  17. Lana. A newbe and Control Room Operator.
  18. Brenda. A newbe.
  19. Chris. He used P.E.T. as a spring board to another career.
  20. Earl. Retired but still working full time???
  21. Brian. Working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine.
  22. Ted. Has hit the six figure income bracket.
  23. Elaine. Management.
  24. Hanna. Works in the electrical power generating industry.
  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
  • DARK SECRETS. ****Things people do and shouldn’t do, while on shift.
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