Liz, a Power Engineer of aboriginal decent.

Stationary Engineer's interview with Liz


Hi I'm Liz.  I'm now a grandmother and I still love this business.  This career has everything you could ever want and need.  I work with Dave on occasion so he knows what kind of variety of people we have around here.  I got involved in the business in 1984, the same year Dave did.

When I originally looked into this it was like one of those destiny things.  Like most of us, I heard about it through the grapevine, not from the news paper, or radio or any kind of advertisement.

I had been out of the work force for quite sometime as I had been a housewife raising a family.  Then I got divorced and became a struggling 38 year old single mother trying to support a family.  Not an easy thing to do no matter where you live.

I could have gone to university for 3 to 4 years and hoped to find a job when I got out but that was crazy.  I couldn't afford to do that in terms of time or money!  I had to start making some money, good money and in months not years!  The business gave me everything I was looking for.  From the time I started till the time I finished my fourth class ticket and was making reasonable money was only 5 ½ months!  And as the years went on the money just kept getting better and better with lots of time off for me to raise my kids.  No looking back for me now.

The other part that I like about this is that you not only get to use your mind but you also get to do a lot of hands on stuff throughout the day.  A good combination that keeps you motivated.  I don't think I’d like a desk job, it would bore me and put me to sleep.  Doing just labor work would be hard on me after awhile being a little granny so what I do now is a great blend.

I am a successful example of women in nontraditional careers.  Dare to be different.

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