Brief outline of other jobs you might qualify for if you have a Stationary Engineer's certificate or deploma



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Stationary Engineering Jobs you might qualify for and jobs you might want.

  • high pressure and low pressure steam plant Operator
  • Power plant operator
  • Lubrication technology
  • Welding
  • Lab technician
  • Boiler operator
  • Gas plant operator
  • Control Room Operator
  • Heating plant operator
  • Process unit operator
  • Chemical plant operator
  • Work as an Operator in Refineries, chemical plants steam plants, boiler rooms, gas plants, pulp and paper industry, the mining industry, as well as upstream parts of the oil and gas industry
  • Valve technician
  • Drinking water treatment technician
  • Sewage treatment technician
  • Electrician
  • Electronics technician
  • Pump house operator
  • Compressor station operator
  • Pipeline control room operator
  • Instrumentation technician
  • Environmental controls technician
  • Air conditioning mechanic/technician
  • Pipe fitter
  • Gas fitter
  • Steam fitter
  • Jet engine mechanics
  • Diesel engine repair
  • Heavy equipment technician
  • Commercial/industrial/residential sales person for materials and equipment
  • Hotel or building engineering supervisor
  • Engineering systems supervisor for a town or city or large business complex. 
There are many things P.E.T.s and Stationary Engineers can do for a living. They work in office buildings, malls, hospitals, laundries, dairies, food processing plants, meat packing plants, amusement parks, breweries, refineries, heating plants, chemical plants, gas plants, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, water treatment facilities, fertilizer plants, plastics plants, refrigeration plants, airports, etc., ect.

Table of contents
  • Men and women in the business.
  1. Steve. The "Bad Boy of P.E.T." who has hit the six figure income bracket.
  2. Don. Work in at the brewery.
  3. John. Chief Engineer at the brewery.
  4. Chad. A newbe.
  5. Matt. A newbe.
  6. Warren. A newbe.
  7. Older Warren. Lots of experience.
  8. Chris. He used P.E.T. as a spring board to another career.
  9. Earl. Retired but still working full time???
  10. Brian. Working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine.
  11. Hanna. Works in the electrical power generating industry.
  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
  • DARK SECRETS. ****Things people do and shouldn’t do, while on shift.
  • Internet links to:
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  3. US apprenticeship and training
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  5. Other countries and their job opportunities
  6. US Labor agencies.


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