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Stationary Engineer's interview with Gord

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This is Gord. He is a foreman who started out as, and still is a, P.E.T./Stationary Engineer. He kind-of stumbled into P.E.T./Stationary Engineering too. He had been attending University and going for a degree in Engineering. Thing was, he got board with University and wanted to get out and do something that excited him. He needed a change and a challenge that would excite him. He sent out hundreds of resumes with no success. Then it was suggested he attend a 6 week P.E.T./Stationary Engineering session at a local technical school as an adventure and see if it appealed to him.

Gord came out of the 6 week P.E.T./Stationary Engineering course still not having a real clear idea of what P.E.T./Stationary Engineering was all about. He approached an employer he had sent out a resume to previously and actually got an interview. During the interview he expressed the fact that all he wanted was a JOB. Well he got the JOB and soon found out how the JOB could manifest itself into a GREAT CAREER.

Gord was very impressed with the personal challenge and satisfaction he found working as a P.E.T./Stationary Engineering so much so that he graduated through the ranks to foreman status by the time he was 28. He did most of his studying on shift and had all his education paid for by his employer too. He took it all the way to getting his First Class P.E.T./Staionary Engineer's certificate. "It’s a matter of personal interest and intellectual challenge." Gord says. Gord like’s things to be 100% as anything worth doing is worth doing well. He’s been in the business since 1984.

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Table of contents
  • Men and women in the business.
  1. Al. The executive.
  2. Steve. The "Bad Boy of P.E.T." who has hit the six figure income bracket.
  3. Mandy. A newbe.
  4. Don. Work in at the brewery.
  5. John. Chief Engineer at the brewery.
  6. Chad. A newbe.
  7. Dwayne. An old hand.
  8. Gord. Management.
  9. Jay. A newbe formerly in research.
  10. Matt. A newbe.
  11. Max. A Control Room Operator and Shift Engineer who had his employer pay for his continuing education in computers.
  12. Mike. He’s formerly from Scotland.
  13. Warren. A newbe.
  14. Older Warren. Lots of experience.
  15. James. Soon to be wealthy.
  16. Justin. A newbe who is a Control Room Operator and who got $9000 in scholarships.
  17. Lana. A newbe and Control Room Operator.
  18. Brenda. A newbe.
  19. Chris. He used P.E.T. as a spring board to another career.
  20. Earl. Retired but still working full time???
  21. Brian. Working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine.
  22. Ted. Has hit the six figure income bracket.
  23. Elaine. Management.
  24. Hanna. Works in the electrical power generating industry.
  • Scope of P.E.T. Technology.
  • DARK SECRETS. ****Things people do and shouldn’t do, while on shift.
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  1. US job opportunities
  2. Canadian job opportunities
  3. US apprenticeship and training
  4. Canadian apprenticeship and training
  5. Other countries and their job opportunities
  6. US Labor agencies.

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