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I count myself as being one of the very fortunate, as I have the privilege of experiencing life that many only dream about. It's true, I am no millionaire but, hey there are plenty who still struggle with finances and will never have the life style they desire and deserve.

I remember where I came from. Up until 1983 there were lots of different jobs that I had.  There were times when I was holding down three part-time jobs and working 16 hour days.  There were other times when I had a job as a grocery clerk with Safeway Stores which was the best full-time job I had up until 1982.  But even so, it was still tough to really get anywhere financially and foresee any long term security.

In 1983, I was struggling with a part time job as a grocery clerk and caring for a small apartment building to support my wife (who didn't work) and myself. I drove a 1968 Chrysler, lived in a small two bedroom apartment and was going NOWHERE!!

These days, things are much better. The new wife drives a new Honda Accord and I drive a nice Ford F-250 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive pickup truck. Aaa___, its my going to work vehicle. When I travel, the wife and I usually go first class and stay in five star hotels. We get to visit places like Las Vegas, Mexico, Toronto, The Hoover Dam, Disney World, The Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral etc. Just the regular tourist stuff.  That's if you are into travel. Myself, Iíd rather explore my local surroundings. I don't have to travel the world to appreciate it. I haven't seen a lot but I have earned an education of how lucky I am when I think of good and bad in places I've traveled like the poverty stricken areas of Mexico, Boston, Florida, Vancouver, Halifax and places close to the Arctic Circle. We got it pretty good here in North America for the most part and of course there are those who have it pretty bad too.

With the kind of income you could generate from a career like this you could have a 2100 sq. ft. beauty of a home just like in the photo below the if you wanted.

This is my $380,000 (approximate value as of May, 2004) house designed by me and the wife. Yup, its got a long list of costume goodies in it. My wife and I live in an upscale neighborhood next to a park area with miles and miles of manicured footpaths and bicycling routes that make their way through the winding river valley of the city. Its a beautiful area. It is quiet and very pleasant to live in. 

We enjoy my many days off and our vacations together as if I had a professional career. Well I don't have a professional career but I do have the income. Its the kind of lifestyle that many of our friends are envious of and always will be for as long as they choose to stay with their current jobs. 

I can tell you how every day people like you and me can have what looks like a regular job but, can provide a professional income! With a professional income you can afford the better things in life like that sports car, that beautiful home, those fantastic vacations or that secure

retirement you have envisioned. Plenty of us are doing it in this career. That is, those of us who know the SECRETS to making it in this career. I say that because, most don't know the secrets and miss out BIG TIME on all the great benefits it has to offer. There are others that simply don't care either. Its not everybody that is willing to work a little more to get a whole bunch more. I donít understand it myself other than the fact that everyone has their own path to follow. When I look at most people I get the impression that the path they follow is one they more like stumble upon and are stuck in it.  I was stuck.

I must admit, that's basically how most of us, including me, proceed with our lives. Its kind of hit and miss it seems. Then there are times when we actually stumble upon something and determine it to be of value and then actually pursue it and proceed with a plan. That's how I went with the P.E.T./Stationary Engineer.

I should mention: Even living in the right neighborhood offers certain opportunities that one wouldnít necessarily otherwise come across. Iíll give you an example. I did live in a rundown neighborhood about 1990. There was an animal house next door and I knew the people that lived there. They would have wild parties that lasted all hours of the night and into the weee hours of the next morning.

The music would be blasting there would be fist fights, women screaming (For a variety of reasons) and tires screaching 24/7. During the day they would play Frisbee from the roof of the house across their back yard, over to the roof of their garage, over inot my back yard and back again.

Theyíd always have a number of wrecks parked in the yard that they were working on and stuff like that. Some were in trouble with the law and others were just out for some good clean fun. Other than that, most of them were good people having too much fun.

A couple of these guys I am still friends with. One in particular whoís name is Kelly I can remember, couldnít afford to buy a pair of socks. He was pretty rough around the edges but was a good, trust worthy guy. I never was sure heíd make it financially in life.

Any way, believe it or not, today Kelly is the brain child of a small but rapidly growing Hi-Tech company called Auto Profile listed on the TSX (Not listed on the NASDAQ yet). He is in partnership with some other top notch business people on this. And I am an investor in his company too. He is the CEO and founder. He and his partners were working hard for about 4 years doing research and development on a data base for the automotive industry. His company had been looking for a major investor to get the company off the ground in a big way. I mentioned Kellyís company and what they were up to, to a neighbor I barely know. A couple of months later the neighbor (who lives across the street from me) comes over and asks me to line things up with Kelly and him for a meeting.

Two weeks later my neighbor has Kellyís company financed for 1.8 million dollars US and a NASDAQ shell company release and I get a finderís fee for just telling the right person. It turns out my neighbor has high level connections in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

Itís interesting what "lifestyle" can bring you. There are some wild connections between living from pay cheque to pay cheque and affluence.  In other words, almost any one can make the transition if they make it happen, if they seize the opportunities when they come their way.  I only mention this to illustrate to you that doing the right things in life pay off for you in many ways and sometimes it can be quite by accident. Just because of this chance meeting between me and a neighbor I barely know I could at some point be a millionaire. That's if Kelly's company takes off.

Do the right things, spend time with good people, stay out of trouble and good things can happen.

Youíve heard that the rich just keep getting richer and the pour just keep getting poorer. There is some truth to this and do you know why? Itís because of the mindset of both the person who is rich or the person who is pour, as well as how the world perceives them.

If you think youíll never have what you desire and deserve, then you never will. Thatís a mindset that kills opportunity.

If you think that if Joe Blow can do it, so can I then, there may come a day when you will. All you need to do is put action with the mindset and you will have success at some point.

(So I work out at work and at home. I know that most folks arenít into the workout routine but, I thought Iíd let you know just if you happen to be.)

Then there is public perception. If you look and sound like a successful and confident person then, you will attract success and other like minded people in your life.

Having the right career can do that for you. Itís a stepping stone to bigger and better things in life. Or it can be a place where you rest.

We get to drive company vans to and from work. They got all the comforts like A/C, keyless entry, cruise, CD player etc. This is great as it saves a guy upwards of $5000 a year in fuel, insurance, tires, depreciation, maintenance and unexpected repairs. Itís a nice perk! We get a new one when itís over 80,000 Km (50,000 miles). That works out to be every year and a half or so. On night shift itís either just myself in the van or just one other guy who I pick up or he picks me up. During day shifts there are usually 4 or 5 of us in the van.


So I could end up being a millionaire from this or, maybe not. Similar opportunities are waiting for you too. Ainít that nice. P.E.T./Stationary Engineering has made all this available to me as it can be for you. And yes I was the one that kept my ear to the ground and investigated opportunities as they were presented to me. Who knows how things may turn out for you.

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