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Power Engineer's interview with Chris
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These days Chris is a chemical representative for one of the largest multinational chemical treatment companies in the world. He is excited about what it is he does and what the future holds in store for him. He enjoys sports, time with friends and family, and lives a very comfortable life.

Typically chemical companies will hire University grades with a degree in chemical engineering or similar. Chris was sought after as a result of the reputation he had gained as a Power Engineer Technologist due to the projects he had worked on and the goals he had accomplished. Chrisís career is another great example of the many different directions one can take Power Engineer Technologist.

When Chris was a young fella and just got out of high school his father tried to talk him into being a P.E.T. and work on the Military base, which was close to where they lived. But Chris had other things on his mind at that time in his life like hockey of which he was good at and he liked very much.

Then Chris did get a job on a drilling rig that was drilling for oil. While working in the oil industry he heard talk of what the work was like in the oil processing plants as compared to working on the oil rigs. In 1979 Chris decided to take the time to go to a plant and talk to the operators and see if he could get a better idea of what it was all about. He still didnít have a clear idea of what it was all about compared to how he understands it today, but he did find it to be very interesting.

Chris did understand that the work at the plant as an operator could be very stimulating and challenging which, is something that he likes. Even though he had no formal education in Power Engineer Technologist he decided to go back regularly to the plant to land a job. He did this for three months with no luck. So he took a job delivering anhydrous ammonia. Six months later the oil company that ran the plant called him with a job offer and he accepted with the understanding that he would still complete the remaining three months of the farming season delivering ammonia. Three months later Chris was working as an Operator in their water treatment unit with no certificate but lots of enthusiasm.

Even though Chris still had an interest and passion for what was going on in their field operations, he really liked the plant because it was new frontier stuff in the oil business that this oil company was doing. They were into heavy oil production and treating their produced water from the oil wells so it could be used as boiler feed water. This was originally to be a one month project that developed into a three year project. As time went on he studied for his 4th and his 3rd class Power Engineer Technologist certificates at work and got them so he also got his pay raises.

After water treatment Chris when into their steam plant and into process. These were whole new worlds to Chris which furthered his interest and fired his enthusiasm to the point that he found himself involved in many large projects and spent three years developing the training systems for their major heavy oil plant areas. He became a leader in many ways and was instrumental in bringing people like Steven Covey in to further develop strategies in their HR department. He also brought in Victoria Marsic from the University of Washington. Iíd say Chris is a real go-getter.

Chrisí advice:

"Itís a great time to be a Power Engineering Opportunities are unlimited. The pay is phenomenal in relation to the amount of education you have to have. You canít miss if you decide to become a Power Engineer Technologist. Prospects look great for the next 15 to 20 years.

After 6 to 12 months a person should have a very clear idea of where you want to be in this business. Once you do know, donít waist your time. Go for it! But like any other career, be careful how you go about it. Treat others with respect. It will help to get you where you want to go."

  • "If itís to be, itís up to me."
  • "No one can piss you off unless you allow them to."
  • "No one can stop you from smiling except you."
  • "Never back down from a good challenge and always choose your challenges wisely."
  • "Never underestimate the training big corporations pass on to you."
Chrisí Hobbies:

Travel, (One of the reasons Chris chose his current employer is because of the opportunity to travel.) fishing, golf and hockey.

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